About Us

The 4 Winds Motel opened for business in 1954,  offering 16 rooms to the general public with "all the latest and newest conveniences," a 4-digit phone number ("1686" if you're curious) and "only a 4 hours drive from Chicago."  Business boomed and within 10 years another 10-unit building was added, bringing the grand total to 26 rooms and making the 4 Winds one of the largest motels in the Baraboo area.

In 1983 we came along and, with our 3 sons in tow (ages 6y --4y--& 9 months), purchased the motel and began our our own adventure which continues today. Over the years --contrary to accepted business practices--we have whittled the 26 rooms down to 19 rooms by knocking out walls and making smaller rooms into large suite and semi-suite units,  game and vending rooms. We even whittled the drive time to Chicago down to 3 hours--not quite sure how we did that, but I'm pretty sure it happened on our watch. We have added a large outdoor pool and an even larger playground, and replaced almost everything that wasn't bolted down (and even some things that were).

We invite one and all to come, see and enjoy what we have done and to partake in the many splendors the Baraboo area has to offer.